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How to Receive Assistance

We are committed to helping our neighbors in need.  


Some of our clients are struggling with short term shortages due to a loss of job or illness, while others have longer term needs. We feed the very young, to our most senior citizens and everyone in between.  Regardless of your situation, if you are struggling to meet your food needs, we are here to help.  


Call us at 952-472-5599 to schedule an appointment.  


Most times we can schedule an appointment for the day you call. As a client choice food shelf, we like to schedule individual appointments to provide you with privacy and an opportunity to select the items you and your family will use.  Each household is eligible to visit us once every thirty days.  Additionally, you may come in once a week for fresh produce, assorted perishables and bread.



We are a client choice food shelf where you are able to shop for selections that meet your family's preferences and needs.



We strive to make highly nutritional options regularly available.

We are working with statewide partners who also value health equity to become a MN Super Shelf!


Through the generosity of our donors, food rescue suppliers, Gale Woods Farm, and our partnership with local food banks, we frequently have seasonally fresh produce and meats available in addition to canned goods and household staples.




This institution is an equal opportunity provider.




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